For Our Owners


July 2012
Dear Kingsgate Owner,

On behalf of your Kingsgate Board of Directors we want to make you aware of a situation that has arisen, which has the potential to negatively impact our annual maintenance fees. As you are aware, our resort has complied with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA.) over the years. Designated parking spaces, ramps on all buildings, and curb cuts are the most noticeable exterior features. Inside, there are designated handicap equipped units for mobility impaired individuals and those with hearing loss.

On July 23, 2010 the Department of Justice revised the ADA including Title III to: Set new standards for what is an accessible facility, add new accessibility issues, and revise and expand existing accessibility requirements. The new guidelines will cause significant unforeseen expenditures at Kingsgate. One of those changes we are aware of will require the installation of handicap pool lifts for every body of water, which at Kingsgate is 5. Many of the ramps will have to be replaced because the size of the landing is not adequate under the new guidelines. The majority of the curb cuts which were just installed in the past two years throughout the resort will have to be torn out and replaced because they do not meet the newly issued requirements. If we were to be required to make just an additional 1% of our units handicap equipped units (6), it would cost us approximately $600,000.

Your Board of Directors has approved a contract with a consulting firm to determine all areas of our resort which are not in compliance with the new requirements. We have done this for liability reasons, as a successful legal suit by a single handicapped individual under these new guidelines could close our resort.

These new mandates were not foreseen, and thus have not financially been prepared for. Your Board of Directors have been advised by Wyndham that we should be prepared to designate 20% of all future reserve expenditures to become and remain
compliant with these new requirements. Your board has been diligent in our stewardship of your maintenance fees and the many improvements over the past three years have been done without an increase. Those of you who have not visited recently should make a point to do so. Kingsgate has never looked so good or offered so much to our owners and guests.

The enactment of these new guidelines will require a substantial increase in your Kingsgate fees
. You may choose to make known to your Congressman and Senators in Washington D.C. your feelings on this matter. For more information about the American with Disability Act and the 2010 revisions to Title III, please visit or

Kingsgate Board of Directors
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May 2012

With the recent changes in the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title III Regulations, the Board and management want to ensure our owners that we intend to take any action necessary to remain compliant and we will continue to justify all expenditures.

Please take a moment to review the recent